What I Love Most

Recently during a client meeting, I was asked what I enjoy the most about shooting weddings and what my favorite part is during the wedding day. I was also asked about what I would consider 'pet peeves' and what I dislike the most. I thought these questions were great, because I loved that so many great memories came flooding back and I quite honestly had a difficult time coming up with what a pet peeve would be.

I really believe the personal satisfaction I receive for doing what I do sets me apart from some other photographers and the amount of personal investment I give to each of my clients both before, during and after their wedding day means I provide an incredible experience and product.  Wedding days are always full of so much joy, challenges and excitement (nothing ever goes as planned, let's be honest!).  The dynamics of a wedding day continue to equally excite and sharpen me. 

Without further ado, what I love the most about doing what I do: 

  1. People. Hands down, it's always the people. I have the privilege of meeting some of the most incredibly kind and wonderful people. There are so many stories I can tell. One that is currently top of mind was a lovely grandmother of a bride who wouldn't stop taking pictures of ME because she wanted the bride and groom to remember me. Or the group of groomsmen who were so hilarious they had me in stitches before the wedding even started. Or an incredibly kind older gentleman who was a Vietnam vet who came to love and do photography professionally who indulged me with all sorts of stories as we geeked out over camera gear. 
  2. Firsts. The first time a bride and groom see each other for the first time and the first dance as a married couple always gets me a little choked up! 
  3. Support. I'm always so humbled by the love and support from friends and family who attend weddings of my clients because I'm reminded each time how important and valuable it is - kind of relates to my first point above. It also causes reflection of my life and I take time to appreciate and admire the support I have around me. 
  4. Adventure. No matter how much planning, no wedding fully goes as planned and there's always surprises! I personally really love this, as it makes the day really fun. You never know what will happen. For example, one day I actually did the mother of the bride's makeup and helped put false eyelashes on the bridesmaids. Who knew that was one of that hats I would wear that day! I loved that I was able to be helpful in that way and we all laughed about it later! 

To all my clients I've worked with in the past and those I will work with in the future... thank you. Thank you for letting me be part of your day and give me stories to tell. I love it more than I can adequately express.