Decisions, decisions - breaking down the different photography collections

Let's face it - generally speaking, there's so many options when it comes to planing a wedding. Enough to make your head spin, really. I remember so clearly how overwhelming things became when I was planning my own wedding in the sea of endless options and possibilities. As a former bride, I take this all into consideration and want to make each of my couples feel at least a little reprieve when it comes to decisions regarding photography. 

I offer several different collections, but ultimately it comes down to a few simple things: 

  • Coverage
  • Service
  • Products

I'm going to break these down and provide some perspective from someone who knows first hand (as a bride) and see it time and time again (as a wedding photographer)


The majority of my collections include all day coverage up to 12 hours. If you think that's a lot, then yes, you would be correct. It is a lot, but here's a list of why I think it's valuable: 

  1. All day coverage ensures that your day is covered from start to finish, not lacking in any of the moments from start to finish. I've been IN or part of weddings that the photographer was only slated for 8 hours and they missed a great deal of the important moments earlier in the day.
  2. This is great for weddings that have different location and venue sites. I've learned to never underestimate the time it takes to travel and get everyone where they need to be.
  3. A full day of coverage means that we have more opportunity to relax and take photos without feeling rushed. 
  4. Along the lines of being rushed... you don't have to condense your timeline for YOUR day to me, rather, I conform to yours. 

If you plan to have a smaller, more intimate wedding of 50 guests or less, I will usually say that 8 hours of coverage is enough, hence the reason I choose to offer a Minimalist Collection. 


As a professional in the marketing/advertising industry managing for several years before stepping behind my lens full time, I worked with a variety of clients from major worldwide brands. It's this experience and background that makes me all the more focused on providing incredible service for the wonderful couples I get to work with. A few ways I like to give my clients incredible service, in regard to my collections: 

  1. Second Shooters - Although I'm completely comfortable to shoot a wedding solo, I feel there's a great value add by having someone else there with me on that day. An additional photographer on the wedding day ensures multiple perspectives, additional photographs and assists me with anything I might need, which frees me up to focus on my most important aspect of the day, my bride and groom. 
  2. Online Viewing Gallery - I can't rave enough about this and I love offering this to my clients. All your beautifully edited images will be uploaded to the viewing gallery and you can immediately download all the high resolution files and order professional prints. The best part of the gallery is that it makes it simple to get your images and share them with friends and family. 


Offering several different products within my collections ensures that you have tangible items to look at, hold in your hand and cherish forever. True story: I told my wedding photographer that since I was a photographer, I would just do my own album. Guess what. I STILL haven't made my own album. I also might add that when you choose any of the collections with print items, you most definitely are getting the most value. 

The custom fine art albums my clients receive are absolutely stunning. With a beautiful leather cover and flush mount pages, it's absolutely swoon-worthy and I promise you won't be disappointed.