Southern California Wedding Photographer | Introducing Kaitie and J. Lee Photos Associate Collections

I'm a firm believer everyone deserves beautiful photography for their wedding day, regardless of your budget. A letter to my couples who are considering an Associate Collection:

My wonderful potential client, 
Let me guess - you're currently in the throes of wedding planning and since you haven't done this before, you're somewhat at a loss for how to make heads or tails of everything, but you're listening to those who have gone before you, reading up on all the information you can online and doing your best to make an informed decision and trusting your gut as much as possible. 

You probably have a healthy budget for a wedding, but you're starting to realize that everything really does add up (quickly!) and you have certain decisions to make in order to make it all work. I completely understand; really. I was a bride once and we did it on a budget that I'm still shocked we made work. You have a desire for beautiful photography and you value hiring someone who is a true professional, established with experience, is reliable but isn't going to break your wedding budget bank! You may even have your heart set on a particular type of photography and feel like it's overwhelming to find the perfect fit for you based on all your needs.

What I've learned is that often times couples make a lot of sacrifices in order to make their budgets work, and their photography suffers for it, when it doesn't have to. This really actually breaks my heart, because photography is one of the most important and valuable parts of your wedding day. Your photographer will be with you more than anyone else on the wedding day and be there during some of the most tender and intimate moments, and you really shouldn't just want anyone there for those parts. 

When you book with a J. Lee Photos Associate, you're really getting the same incredible service and experience all my clients get: communication and planning goes through me personally, as does all the editing and final image delivery. This is the exciting part, because it means that the images you'll receive maintain the same consistent look you appreciate and love, but at a rate that makes sense for you. The one variable is that my associate will be your lead shooter with you on your wedding day. You can imagine this is not something I take lightly, so it means that your associate is someone who I trust completely, has shot with me several times and trained up by me so the style of shooting is similar, as is the way they work with you on your wedding day. 

So, should you have a budget of $3,000 or less, please get in touch and let's chat. In the meantime, I'd love to introduce you to Kaitie, the lead J. Lee Photos Associate. You can read more about her here, as well. She's fantastic and when she's not shooting weddings for J. Lee Photos, she's doing fun stuff like shooting editorial projects and catalog images for Nordstrom's HauteLook .

Southern California Wedding Photographer J. Lee Photos

I am so excited to hear more about your wedding and would love to come alongside you as you plan this incredible moment in your life... regardless of your budget!